I discover <–more–>

With help from the peerless Wade Kwon, I now know how to make a single blog post take up less space on the home page. (In newspaper terms, I know how to jump the story to an inside page.) Hopefully that will make it less time-consuming to scan this blog’s home page for something worth […]

Not staying angry

I’ve deliberately stayed away from blogging for more than a month now. I figured there was more than enough text being generated by others, and my own tiny cracks and witticisms were not really needed, not even by me. It is easy to get angry and to rail. I have not been able to avoid […]

Why did the chicken…

Several years ago I was teaching students in my web-design course how to use frames. The frameset is a dodgy way to cut a browser window into smaller pieces, each piece containing its own web page. (The internal frame, or iframe, is the accepted way to do this today.) Even back in the day, before […]

Why don’t I blog?

Andrew Sullivan has a piece in the Atlantic, called Why I Blog, full of strongly held views and doctrine about what blogging should be. I’m not convinced of the necessity of letting it all hang out, as he imagines one must. But the piece has persuaded me to take up this project again, for whatever […]