Saturday baroque, feat. the baryton

Following on last Saturday’s videos, here are some Haydn trios for the baryton, viola, and cello. The baryton is a bass viola da gamba with plucked strings concealed in the back of the neck. A skilled performer can bow the instrument in the usual way while also plucking the concealed strings with the left thumb. […]

Saturday baroque

I haven’t posted any music videos in a while, so here’s an entire baroque concert. It’s the baroque portion of a program presented by Jordi Savall (viola da gamba) and members of his ensemble Hespèrion XXI. The stock tune “La follia” (also called “las folias,” “les folies d’Espagne,” etc.) is a theme of this concert. […]

Saturday baroque: Les voix humaines

I’m feeling both melancholy and fond-of-my-fellow-mortals today. The perfect piece for the occasion is “Les voix humaines (Human voices)” by Marin Marais. So take four minutes and listen to this recording at [no longer available]. It’s by a Montreal viola da gamba duo, also called Les Voix Humaines [website]. Or you might watch this […]