Letter to the White House

I cannot sleep, I cannot eat. I’m scared to walk to the bathroom because I’m afraid they will hunt me down.… I’m not the same. — An American citizen trapped in Kuwait Here is my letter: Sir, please intervene to ensure that Gulet Mohamed, age 19, of Alexandria, Virginia, is returned home from prison in […]

The massacre of Gaza

Just over two weeks ago, a rocket fired by radical Palestinian militants killed an Israeli citizen. The rocket was fired from inside the Gaza Strip, the most crowded and defiant of Israel’s Arab reservations. It killed someone outside the strip. This was wrong, of course. Israel responded with a full-scale military assault that quickly killed […]

Why Prop 8 is no big deal

Friends of mine have been wailing and wringing hands over the success of California’s Proposition 8 banning gay marriage. I just can’t get worked up over it. It’s not that I’m indifferent about gay rights. Far from it; I’ve been a straight activist on these issues for years now. Some of my nearest relatives are […]