teh kidz r alright

I was recently directed to yet another complaint about the decline of literacy, the corrosive intellect-leaching power of digital technology, and our collective guilt for letting Western civilization subside into a mire of tweets, blogs, and gaming. iPhones Have Consequences, by Sally Thomas, is a witty, engaging essay on the subject, supported by memorable anecdotes. […]

Twitter for beginners

I’ve been signed up at Twitter for most of a year now, without any clear idea of what to do with it. David Pogue’s recent blog posts on the topic have helped clear the mental block: Twittering Tips for Beginners, including: “Don’t tweet about what you’re doing right now.” Uh, really? The Twitter Experiment, or […]

My dumb generation

Neil Howe, writing in the Sunday Washington Post, makes the case that my 40-something generation is in no position to criticize the intellectual attainments of today’s youth; in fact, we qualify as the “dumbest generation” currently on offer. (Thanks to Mike O’Connor for mentioning the article.) Howe shows how the generation born in the years […]