I discover <–more–>

With help from the peerless Wade Kwon, I now know how to make a single blog post take up less space on the home page. (In newspaper terms, I know how to jump the story to an inside page.)

Hopefully that will make it less time-consuming to scan this blog’s home page for something worth reading.

Part of the WordPress editor toolbar (in HTML mode).

For those who do WordPress blogs: I assumed that the “more” button on the editor toolbar simply added more buttons to the toolbar. I type in most of the tags anyway, so never felt the need to mash that “more” button.

That’s what I get for assuming. Actually the “more” button inserts the comment <--more-->, which tells WordPress server-side software to chop the text at that point and create a “(more)” link.

This is why Wade is the one who runs a blogging school and teaches stuff like this.

2 thoughts on “I discover <–more–>

  1. Thanks for the shout out. I used the More tag often in the past, but sparingly now, as it can hurt (yes, hurt) SEO. Most people will typically find your blog through search engines, so the More tag can often do more harm than good.

    The rare exception for me: If I’m recapping a reality show (like Survivor this season) and want to keep spoilers off the main page.

  2. I decided to take the risk of fewer search engine hits. If it gets to be a concern, or blogging becomes more of a commitment, I can always look into that XML site map method that Google describes. (Haven’t paid attention to it yet, so I don’t really know what I’m talking about. Just an impression.)

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