Not staying angry

I’ve deliberately stayed away from blogging for more than a month now. I figured there was more than enough text being generated by others, and my own tiny cracks and witticisms were not really needed, not even by me.

It is easy to get angry and to rail. I have not been able to avoid doing so in conversations with friends, or in reaction to some sound bite or other. Then I feel a rich frustration with some of the things my friends and neighbors choose to get exercised about. We are so disappointed in Obama! We went to all that trouble of electing him, and we projected all our hopes onto him, and now there he sits, failing to fulfill all the fondest desires of our hearts. Oh, how dare he!

Well, I have now and then fallen into the trap of letting my spleen run away with me online. I’m determined not to let it happen again. That’s what the Delete key is for, after all. I’ve been thinking critical thoughts of one previous blog post in particular, and have been tempted to delete it. My statements there were too categorical and judgmental. Calling this a “casual” medium does not justify irresponsible writing, and I think mine has been irresponsible at moments.

So I’ve taken a holiday, and have deliberately kept silence about all the tempting political developments here in Birmingham, the U.S., and the world. Some of my views went into letters to politicians. None of them were blogged.

This week a neighbor helped me remember that there is no point in nursing anger. There are many beneficial ways to direct anger, but it’s flat wrong to culture it, like a mold or a germ weapon. Much less to stoke fear and anxiety at the same time.

So I’m refraining from hurling barbs at either of the candidates in today’s special mayoral election. I have nothing to say about health care, Afghanistan policy, control of the U.S. Senate, or whatever happens to be topping Google News at the moment. Hope that’s OK with everyone.

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