Orobpa, Qoqzaz… Is the “ISIS map” for real?

No one has been able to give a source for this map. It just “appeared on the Internet” as a map of the “Islamic State” envisioned by the eponymous rebel army that has taken over cities in Syria and Iraq. Is this map for real? So many people have reposted it (including some so-called news […]

How many Muslims are joining ISIS?

How many Muslims have gone to join the violent psychopaths of ISIS, or ISIL, or whatever we’re supposed to call it? According to some, such as the ex-Muslim celebrity Ayaan Hirsi Ali, every Muslim is supposed to support ISIS. I mean, most Muslims are good people, but their religion is backward, tribal, and in need […]

ACT for America has an agenda for Congress

ACT for America, an activist group opposing “radical Islam,”1 is pushing a ten-point agenda for the 112th Congress. Let’s take a look.

Muslims acting “human”

People are commenting with surprise and delight about the refusal of Mumbai Muslims to permit the burial of Islamist terrorists in a Muslim cemetery. The identification between “Muslim” and “terrorist” has been routine, even among many of us who ought to know better. There’s a relevant YouTube video I’d like to promote here. It shows […]