Review: Bastard out of Carolina (a novel)

BASTARD OUT OF CAROLINA : a novel, by Dorothy Allison. Dutton Books (imprint of Penguin), 1992. 320 pp. ISBN 9780525934257 I am in awe of this book. It was given to me but sat on my shelf for years, through at least one house move, until I decided this month that I might as well […]

Comic relief during the health reform speech

The South Carolina delegation really did its part to bring a dash of nonsense to the president’s speech to Congress about health insurance reform. I’m not just talking about Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst, which he quickly apologized for. There was also Sen. Lindsey Graham’s moment of letting a little common sense seep around his solid partisan front.

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Post-racial America? First do this

Obama’s election set off a predictable round of inconclusive wondering about whether, or when, we’d become a “post-racial America.” Well, I have a benchmark to propose. Maybe it’s more like a precondition, but to me it’s a large and obvious one. The United States of America will not overcome its obsession with race until Benjamin […]