Saturday baroque (on Monday)

I’m in awe of this concert by Jordi Savall in Italy. The music is French, including something by Marin Marais by English composer Tobias Hume. And I’ll shut up now.

UPDATE: There are three pieces by Hume.

  1. I don’t know the title of the first one.
  2. “Deth” (2:54).
  3. “A Soldier”s Resolution” (4:55), with several section headings that the performer is supposed to read aloud, as Savall does here. The sections evoke marching, the sound of trumpets, the charge, and the “march away.”

3 thoughts on “Saturday baroque (on Monday)

  1. Good show. I’m delighted to see someone else showcasing Baroque music using YouTube video too. I try to post something like this every few postings, usually introducing a particular composer or genre of music.

    I also present a few works from earlier music too. The Renaissance and Middle Ages have given us so much to listen to.

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