Saturday baroque: Les voix humaines

I’m feeling both melancholy and fond-of-my-fellow-mortals today. The perfect piece for the occasion is “Les voix humaines (Human voices)” by Marin Marais.

So take four minutes and listen to this recording at [no longer available]. It’s by a Montreal viola da gamba duo, also called Les Voix Humaines [website].

Or you might watch this video of a live performance with two viols and a theorbo.

One thought on “Saturday baroque: Les voix humaines

  1. Many thanks. Entirely sums up everything Marais was trying to say about French musical taste, in contrast to the Italian-ness of his Corelli-influenced La Spagna variations published alongside in the same Book 2 of 1701. It looks ‘back’ to his teacher, memorialising and pushing forward the sober spirit of Ste-Colombe. For me, in addition, it says as much about the tedium underyling great poltical power as much about musical aesthetics of the time. A commentary on court life – the sighs behind closed doors at the end of a hard day’s work bowing and scraping at court, the very “human” conversation after a day’s rhetorical flourishes. Rarely spotted in “The West Wing”, but surely present.

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