Book reviews from LibraryThing

Over the last few years most of my writing online has been on the LibraryThing website, a social niche for book people. LibraryThing’s main product is an easy way to catalog book collections with as much or as little detail as you like. On the social side, it provides book-related local information (on the web or in a free phone app), discussion forums worth taking part in, volunteer research projects such as Legacy Libraries (e.g., Thomas Jefferson’s and Valeria Novodvorskaya’s), and an outlet for frivolous pastimes (such as book haiku). The site also scouts early reviews of pending books. Reviews contributed by users can also be used (at each reviewer’s discretion) in the local catalogs of public libraries that use LibraryThings software in lieu of more expensive alternatives.

LT encourages users to repost their reviews elsewhere, so I’ve decided to do that. One advantage of doing this is that it allows for comments and conversation a little more readily than the LT site does.

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