The piano in the corner

I have not found myself able to write either about my academic work, local affairs, or the wide world — even as I anxiously watch events unfolding in Iran. What I can offer is a discovery in online music. has a certain downloadable album of classical piano music — an album that perhaps could not have been made before music went online, and that some will sneer at. Robert F. Trucios introduces From the Lobby of the Cooper Arms this way:

The piano, a bruised Brambach baby grand, lies at rest in a quiet corner of the still majestic grand lobby of the Cooper Arms, one of a handful of resort high-rise beach apartments and hotels to pop up on the shoreline of Long Beach in the 1920’s. This cool ornate interior serves as a communal living room, echoing with activity and sheltering the building’s residents and visitors from the noise of the world outside.

I descend the elevator, say my hellos and walk to the corner of the lobby, music in hand.

I sit down and play for a while.

You can listen to the results here (or here for low bandwidth). Continue reading “The piano in the corner”

Haydn’s Dire Straits Mass

No, it’s not liturgical music by Mark Knopfler & Co. “Dire Straits Mass” is my translation of the title of Haydn’s Missa in angustiis, written during one of the bleakest years of Napoleon’s war on the Germans (abetted by other Germans). I’ve been listening appreciatively to the recording by the American Bach Soloists out of […]