There’s a lot, so I’ll resort to bullet points.

  • I spoke at another Ignite event, this time performing “Ignite karaoke.” That’s where you’re presented with a PowerPoint deck, sight unseen, and must weave a presentation out of it.
  • I’ve renewed acquaintance with the Birmingham Stammtisch, a weekly gathering for speaking German. On Sunday several of us headed to Tuscaloosa to hear Gottesdiesnt in German; a Tuscaloosa Deutschsprachige sang a Mozart aria very well.
  • A day earlier, I went to a historic African-American cemetery here in Birmingham, Shadow Lawn, where a neighbor of mine had organized a little ceremony to commemorate “buffalo soldiers.” John Lanier has done impressive research on several of the men buried at Shadow Lawn, and is acting president of the cemetery association. There were JROTC students, members of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club, and descendants of one soldier on hand. John led an impromptu tour of the cemetery, where one tombstone honors a Medal of Honor recipient whose name, however, is not on any official list. These days the most visited grave at Shadow Lawn is that of Michelle Obama’s great-great-grandfather, made famous by a recent New York Times article.
  • Apparently I live in an endangered global ecoregion, say scientists at the World Wildlife Fund.

Of course this song has been on my mind since Saturday.

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