If you feel you need to talk about it, there’s an exhaustive discussion going on at Crooked Timber.

Perkerson Park also has something to say about this.

Here’s the unabridged version of the video. All 39 minutes and 14 seconds.

And if you’re not full yet, have a look back at the 2005 video shot by British Commonwealth mercenaries working for a company called Aegis. Hired by the United States, they turned a Baghdad highway into a shooting gallery, then posted a music video about the fun they were having. Some South African journalists took a closer look here, trying to find a bright side. There isn’t one.

No one was ever disciplined for these earlier acts. Like the Xe/Blackwater slaughter of civilians in September 2007, these are just the few incidents that get noticed — the tip of the iceberg.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, Reuters tried to obtain the helicopter footage from this attack which killed two employees. Those efforts failed until someone leaked the footage to Wikileaks.

Predictably, self-styled patriots are trying to justify the killings. Some of them would justify gunning down a Sunday school class, provided only that American soldiers did it.

Does that seem overstated? I’ve known “patriots” in Colombia to do just that: defend a paramilitary troop that had fired on a group of Sunday school children. A flag makes a demanding god.

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