Some pie-eatin’ fools

I mean that in a good way. Some young idealists have set up shop in downtown Greensboro, Alabama, some of the poorest country north of the Rio Grande.

What line are they in? Pie.

Quote: The anticipated results of PieLab are small business development, community revitalization, and continued civic engagement. Through PieLab, a small business incubator will train potential and local entrepreneurs, while a community design center will provide design services for local small businesses and individuals who otherwise would not have access.

Initial funding came from Maine designer John Bielenberg, founder of Project M, and online donors through The store has created twelve part-time jobs for young adults who did not complete high school. The long-term aim is not only to serve as a community clearinghouse, but to incubate profitable local businesses.

Naturally there are lots of ways to add PieLab to your social network:

The story was blogged here back in November, but it’s taken me (living about 100 miles away from Greensboro) this long to find out about it.

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