Alabama politics round-up

State Senator Zeb Little was busted for driving drunk. Remarkably for a pol, he made no excuses and criticized his own behavior. He hasn’t even asked for sympathy. Good for him.

My sometime Congressman Mike Rogers makes Little look comparatively sober. Rogers just went on the record calling House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “crazy,” “mean as a snake” and “Tom DeLay in a skirt.” All this in the course of lecturing Democrats about the need to change the partisan culture in Congress.

State Democratic Party chairman Mike Turnham has offered to set up a meeting between Rogers and Pelosi so he can get things off his chest. Of course, the rules of the game dictate that Rogers must pretend not to hear the offer.

Score one for each side. Nobody wins.

One thought on “Alabama politics round-up

  1. Dear Good Old Boys,

    Please resign your offices immediately. You make our state look like it is run by rednecks.

    Perhaps it is.

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