How to read aloud

It’s remarkable how many Ph.D.s never manage the simple mathematics involved in reading a conference paper. Notorious Ph.D. has some great unsolicited advice on the topic at her blog.

One basic rule bears repeating: It takes at least 2 minutes to read a double-spaced typescript page. So if you have only 20 minutes in which to read, there’s no excuse for trying to read a paper of more than 10 pages — and that’s if you don’t care to allow any time for Q&A.

A remark by the Quaker preacher John Woolman comes to mind: “Where people are gathered from far, … it behooves all to be cautious how they detain a meeting.… In 300 minutes are 5 hours, and he that improperly detains three hundred people one minute in a meeting, besides other evils that attend it, does an injury like that of imprisoning one man 5 hours without cause.”

One thought on “How to read aloud

  1. Great advice. Reading aloud and public speaking are getting to be lost arts in the teleprompter-and-instant messaging world.

    Thanks for blogrolling me! I’ll reciprocate.

    Always looking for Southern blogs I’ve never heard of, especially political ones based in Mississippi and Alabama. Feel free to drop links in the comments to my most recent post anytime you would like me to check something out. Don’t worry about being OT.

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