So there’s not enough money in politics?

Barack Obama’s campaign, with its record-setting war chest, is likely to change the nature of campaigning in a way most of his supporters may have trouble appreciating. The role of big-money donors in campaigns is likely to become greater, and balancing them with a legion of online donors may not be enough to maintain more than a pretense of democracy. John McCain, who engineered the existing ban on “soft money” in federal campaigns, unaccountably missed an opportunity to distinguish himself from Obama on this issue and strengthen his (otherwise feeble) case that Obama was an elitist.

Now McCain’s party wants to tilt the field further toward big donors by getting the Supreme Court to overturn McCain-Feingold. The Wall Street Journal Law Blog comments on the story. A previous attempt failed, but with Samuel Alito replacing Sandra Day O’Connor on the bench, the Repubs think they may pull it off this time.

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